Professional Powder Coating, Dustless Blasting, and Sandblasting Services

Thorough Car Restoration Services

Mopar Frame

Premium Powder Coating

Whether you are looking for the professionals to remove rust, oil and crud from metal parts, turn to Mountaintop Powder Coating.

Durable and effective powder coating helps your car retain its paint for a longer period than the normal liquid paint. We also have a dustless blaster service ideal for classic car bodies. 
Powder Coating Services

Top-Grade Blasting

In addition to powder coating, we provide services for dustless blasting and sandblasting. These methods will remove paint and rust off cars, leaving a fine base for smooth powder coating.

Check out our gallery page and browse through the various projects that we have worked on till date. Call us for FREE estimates on our services. 
Dustless Blasting
Car Wheels

Special Announcement

We are excited to offer sandblasting and powder coating services for parts up to 24' long, including race car and classic car frames, at our location at 125 Rockrimmon Drive, Suite 110, Bellefonte.

Call us today at 814-574-4003. For those of you familiar with the area, we are located just outside of Bellefonte on the Benner Pike, just off I-99.
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